Capturing the
value of seaweed

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Seaweed is the fastest growing biomass in the world, and has many valuable applications. Without using any land, fresh water, or fertiliser.

The Seaweed Company is determined to contribute to a liveable future for our children and generations to come.

Convinced that seaweed can play a significant role in creating this reality, we combine unique biological, technological, and financial expertise to implement regenerative CO2-reducing concepts, products, and applications all over the globe.

The Value of Seaweed

Seaweed is a unique untapped resource.

Seaweed is an ideal source of organic proteins, sugars, and fibers. It contains specific healthy vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients relevant to multiple applications; spanning across human food, animal feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plant growth stimulant, biodegradable plastic and biofuel.

The impact of Seaweed

Seaweed has a positive effect on many challenges we face today.

It reduces ocean acidification, promotes marine biodiversity, and absorbs CO2. Without the use of land, fertilizer, and freshwater.

Cleaner & Healthier Oceans

Seaweed reduces ocean acidification and promotes marine biodiversity.

Carbon Sequestering

Every ton of seaweed has absorbed 120 kg of CO2, 2kg of nitrogen and 0.2 kg of phosphorus.

Community Development

Seaweed cultivation provides new economic activities to coastal communities.

Prof. Tim Flannery

“Seaweed is one of the few truly scalable solutions for addressing the CO2 problem”

our approach

What Do We Do?

We combine unique biological & technological expertise to efficiently grow, harvest and process seaweed.

On our production facilities in Ireland and Morocco we cultivate certified seaweed species in open water. We are now able to do this on a commercial scale, producing the quantities required to fully benefit from large scale CO2-reducing applications.

our products

The Value
of Seaweed

We are constantly challenging the status quo when it comes to the commercial viability, speed and scale of utilising seaweed’s true potential. We are active in the development of a broad range of valuable applications in the following segments


Nutritious Food Source

Seaweed doesn’t just taste good, it is an ideal source of organic proteins, sugars, and fibers. It contains specific healthy vitamins, minerals and bioactive ingredients relevant to multiple food applications.


Animal Welfare

Animals that are fed with seaweed based supplements experience an improvement in welfare. We formulate and market blends for cows, pigs, poultry, horses, dogs & cats.


Health and Wellbeing

Seaweed contains many bioactive ingredients that can provide a natural, sustainable and cost effective alternative to the chemical and synthetic ingredients that dominate the human health and sports nutrition industry. Via our company Aquaceuticals Ltd we sell our unique and specific seaweed ingredients and formulations for human health & wellbeing.


Sustainable Energy

Seaweed allows us to create CO2-neutral sustainable biofuels, by replacing the fossil C-element with a renewable C-element. There are several viable technologies to convert seaweed into biofuel, ranging from digestion to hydrothermal liquid fraction. We work with several experts around the world to optimise the way seaweed can be converted into fuel.


Friendly Fertilizers

Seaweed provides a decomposable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel based fertilizers. Whether applied directly, as an extract, or as a residue from the digestion process, seaweed fertilizer stimulates plant growth. It promotes stronger roots, better heat/cold resistance, and reduces vulnerability for infections to mention but a few.


Sustainable Bioplastics

The demand for plastic is likely to double in the next twenty years, and most plastic is still made from petroleum. As our oceans are poisoned with common plastics, the sea itself offers a natural and very usable alternative. The raw material of seaweed can be released for the production of degradable, recyclable packaging materials, and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics.

The Little Mermaid

"The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake"


Our Ecosystem

We are currently working with a multitude of partners (varying from governments to universities to entrepreneurs) to actualise the true contribution seaweed can offer the world. We are always looking for partners that we can hook up with on this journey: together, we can travel much faster and further.


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