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Seaweed is one of the fastest growing biomass in the world, flourishing without using land, fresh water or fertiliser.

Our Mission

Elevating the untapped potential of seaweed and creating a healthy and sustainable food system.

It is our mission to grow the connection with our food ecosystem and to solve the pains in the agri food chain by focusing on highly scalable seaweed solutions with positive impact.

What We Do

We grow seaweed all over the world.

We combine unique biological & technological expertise to efficiently grow, harvest and process seaweed at commercial scale from our open water facilities in Ireland, Morocco, India, and The Netherlands.

Discover Our Approach
Discover Our Approach
The Impact of Seaweed

Seaweed can help solve many of the challenges we face today.

CO2e Mitigation

97 ton CO2e

Every ton of seaweed has absorbed 120 kg CO2, 2 kg of nitrogen and 0.2 kg of phosphorus.

Community Development

61 families

Seaweed cultivation creates new economic activity in coastal communities.

Ocean Regeneration

20 hectares

Seaweed reduces ocean acidification and promotes marine biodiversity.

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Paul Dobbins, director of impact investing, WWF

“It is the displacement of terrestrial-produced feedstocks and food products that are the real climate opportunity for seaweed on a macro-scale”

Our Products

Seaweed is a unique untapped resource.

Our dream is to create a sustainable and healthy food system for ourselves, our children and generations to come. That is why we offer highly scalable seaweed solutions with positive impact: Farming solutions to catalyze the transition to sustainable agriculture and Food solutions to drive the shift to sustainable diets.

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Our Ecosystem

We work with a wide range of partners, from governments and universities to entrepreneurs and impact investors, to realise the transformative impact of seaweed across the world.

Some of our partners