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Optimizing Large-Scale Seaweed Cultivation through The ZeewierSEEDER Project

Jan 10, 2024

The Seaweed Company’s Collaboration in The ZeewierSEEDER Project

ZeewierSEEDER is an innovative project made possible by the province of South Holland and dedicated to revolutionizing marine seaweed cultivation. Addressing the limitations of manual seeding, considered inefficient for large-scale operations, it aims to optimize offshore seaweed cultivation techniques by developing innovative approaches to make the process more efficient and sustainable.

Seeder developed for the ZeewierSEEDER project

Key Collaborations in the Project: The Seaweed Company's Role

The project involves several leading industry companies such as Boeg b.v. constructiewerken, who developed the seeder used at ZeewierSEEDEER, Hortimare, who supply seeding material, advise on seeding technology, and brought the longline seeder, C.I.V. Den Oever U.A., who develop seaweed nets from materials suitable for offshore seaweed cultivation, and North Sea Farmers who coordinate the project in their role as the seaweed industry platform.  

The Seaweed Company contributes significantly to the project by offering its site as a testing ground and meticulously monitoring the growth of seaweed, ensuring its successful cultivation.

Zeewaar Farm, The Netherlands

Upcoming Step: Testing New Strategies for Enhanced Seaweed Cultivation

The next step involves positioning the project near a mussel farmer, as suggested by Hortimare. This test aims to leverage the clear waters to further optimize the seaweed growth environment. It will allow for a direct assessment of seaweed cultivation outcomes in a specific marine setting, unlocking new opportunities for research and the development of sustainable cultivation methods.  

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