Our sustainably harvested species of seaweed are bursting with unique flavours and nutritional benefits. Harvested in our farms, in The Netherlands, Ireland, India and Morroco.

A nutritious ingredient

From Ireland to Japan, people have eaten seaweed for thousands of years. Not only does seaweed taste great, this superfood is also a source of:

On top of all this, many seaweeds support a healthy immune system and improve gut health. As well as being good for people's health, cultivating seaweed is good for the planet! To know more about the health benefits of seaweed, check out our article in which Dr Sylvia Strauss elaborates further.

Our sustainable seaweed farms require no land, irrigation or fertilisers. In fact, as our seaweed grows it restores marine diversity and deacidifies our oceans.

Check out our seaweeds below!

Our seaweeds

Royal Kombu

Also called Sweet Kelp or Saccharina latissima, this seaweed's sweet flavour makes it great for desserts, cookies and cakes. It also makes a delicious deep-fried snack!

Sea Lettuce

Perhaps our most versatile seaweed, Sea Lettuce or Ulva, brings a delicate taste to everything from omelets, breads and summer salads, to hearty winter casseroles.

Sea Spaghetti

Grown off the West coast of Ireland, Sea Spaghetti or Himanthalia, brings a beef flavour to stews and a nutty flavour to salads and pasta dishes.

Atlantic Wakame

Cultivated in our Irish farms, Atlantic Wakame or Alaria esculenta, packs an umami punch. It adds a meaty flavour to stews and soups and adds a burst of flavour to salads.

Commercial examples

De Bonte Koe
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De Bonte Koe have developed delicious chocolate bars with caramel and our Royal Kombu seaweed. We plant one A4 sheet of seaweed farm for every bar sold!

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Mitsuba has launched three flavours of seaweed crisps (paprika, wasabi, and sea salt) in various retail chains in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium with plans to expand to more European countries soon! Their delicious crisps are made with a thin layer of nori seaweed. And we plant one A4 sheet of seaweed farm for every bag sold!

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