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SeaMeat is our unique seaweed blend that can replace 40% meat for impactful & tasty burgers, sausages & meatballs. Without increasing  their price.

Product overview

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Seaweed as a food ingredient is an impactful means to drive transitions to sustainable diets: it improves Nutri score and Eco scores of food products and ensures parity on taste & affordability.

The Seaweed Company has developed SeaMeat for food (producing) companies that enables them to develop and market hybrid meat products that are a convenient, healthy and tasteful meat solution with impact. TSC’s SeaMeat blend is a dry food ingredient, consisting of a variety of food grade seaweed flakes, that be easily blended into your existing products and processing techniques. 

Food companies are able to offer a convenient, healthy and tasteful meat solution to its consumers. A meat solution that tastes like meat, looks like meat, equally affordable as meat, but healthier and better for you and the planet. Better Nutri scores. Better Eco scores. And a concrete means to contribute to positive impact. A win-win-win solution for humans, nature and the planet.

Case studies

Hybrid burgers in food retail

We have been working with a leading food retail company in Europe on introducing our Better Meat to consumers


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Food & Ingredients