SeaMeat is our unique seaweed blend that reduces the environmental impact of burgers, sausages & meatballs by up to 40%. Without increasing their price.

Product overview

Seaweed is a powerful means to drive the transition to sustainable diets.

The Seaweed Company has developed SeaMeat for food companies, enabling them to develop and market hybrid meat products that are healthy, tasty, and impactful. SeaMeat is a blend of dried seaweeds which can be easily integrated into your existing products and processing techniques.

SeaMeat reduces the environmental impact of meat products by up to 40%. Cultivating seaweed requires no land, no fertilisers and emits no carbon dioxide. On top of this, it deacidifies our oceans and restores marine ecosystems.

SeaMeat's fat and water binding properties ensure a firm structure and satisfying bite. On top of this, seaweed's natural nutrient profile makes meat products healthier, reducing sodium and saturated fat contents while adding fibre.

Products made with SeaMeat taste, look, and cost the same as meat but are better for the health of people and the planet. Better Nutri-Scores. Better Eco-Scores. A win-win-win solution for humans, nature, and the planet.

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Commercial examples

SeaMeat in Retail

Leading Belgian supermarket chain, Colruyt, to launch burgers made with SeaMeat in Bio-planet stores nationwide.

SeaMeat in Foodservice

Beefburgers and minced meat with SeaMeat included on the menu at popular beachbar Mango's at Zandvoort beach.

Team Involved

Lieneke Hohmann

Sanne Jansen

Lorraine Gallagher

Miguel Cascais

Dr. Sylvia Strauss