Let's make the food system greener and healthier with a touch of seaweed! By incorporating our unique seaweed blend SeaMeat® into meat dishes, we're reducing the environmental impact of meat-based meals. Download our flyer here!

Product overview

Introducing SeaMeat®

Did you know that meat production takes quite a toll on our planet? But hey, good news! We’ve got an ocean-inspired solution that’s both sustainable and delicious. Introducing SeaMeat® – our premium and organic blend of dried seaweed that’s here to make your meals greener, healthier, and tastier!  

Here's the cool part: it can easily be integrated into existing products and processing techniques. As a drop-in replacement, SeaMeat® brings versatility and flavour to the table – perfect for burgers, meatballs, sausages, soups, sauces, ready meals... the only limit is your own creativity!

Adding up to 25% of SeaMeat® to 1kg of meat significantly reduces its environmental impact. As opposed to meat production, seaweed farming doesn’t need land, fertilizers, or tons of freshwater. The plant even helps deacidify our oceans and restore marine ecosystems. We promised good news, didn’t we?

1) Greenhouse gas emissions related to the production of the product. 2) Freshwater use related to the production of the product. ​3) Impact of an activity on land degradation, with reference to "the natural state"​. 4) Manure and fertliizer input into water.

Now, in case you’re wondering how seaweed can make a perfectly good meat dish healthier and even more delicious, here’s the quick breakdown: seaweed intensifies the taste of your dishes by adding a touch of umami. Additionally, its properties deliver a juicier texture and its natural nutrient profile makes meat healthier, reducing sodium and saturated fat content while adding fibre. For a full deepdive, see our article and nutritional report.

So here’s the deal: SeaMeat® is easy to use, good for the planet, better for your health, and great for your taste buds. What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us to get meat products ready for you to cook, dress up, and serve – or create your own hybrid meat dish from scratch using our dried SeaMeat®. Order a sample on 1-2 taste!

More Delicious Seaweed-based Options

Seaweed isn’t just a great solution for meat! As many of our partners have already discovered, whether it's crispy toppings for your dishes, chocolate bars for your sweet cravings, or crisps for a savory snack, the possibilities are endless.  

Interested in adding seaweed to your products? Let’s connect and partner up!

Where to find our seaweed-based solutions

SeaMeat in Retail

The leading Belgian supermarket chain, Colruyt, has launched burgers made with SeaMeat in Bio-Planet stores nationwide.

SeaMeat as Ingredient

Buy our SeaMeat and other seaweed blends now, available on 1-2 taste.

Curious about how to prepare a burger with our SeaMeat blend? Check it out here!

SeaMeat in Food Service (Restaurants)

Try delicious burgers featuring our seaweed at Burgerij, in the heart of Amsterdam Central (Mamma Mia and Asian Sunset). Or, head to Makai by the sea for an amazing 'Seaweed-beef burger'!

SeaMeat in Food Service (Festivals)

SeaMeat was served at one of the food trucks at the Dak Festival. The Dak Festival is one of the most unique festivals in the Netherlands, organized on the rooftops of Rotterdam.

Seaweed-Based Crispy Toppings

Take your meals to the next level with Jordà's crispy toppings featuring our seaweed! Give our favorite, Panko – Japanese Style, a try and savor the fantastic flavors!

Marketing Partnerships

We've teamed up with companies like Mitsuba and De Boente Koe to incorporate seaweed into crisps and chocolate!

Team Involved

Lieneke Hohmann

Sanne Jansen

Dr. Sylvia Strauss

Shivam Mishra

Aoife O'Sullivan

Lorraine Gallagher

Martine Beukes